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Jason Snell

Software Developer

Hello, my name is Jason Snell. I am an software developer. Currently I am working through a great site for learning front end development, Free Code Camp. I would highly recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn web development.

I have worked with web pages for several years and I am quite excited about all the new frameworks that are now availble. This site uses a variety of both front end and back end languages. Feel free to click through the projects in the menu to see what I've been up to.

Current languages and frameworks being used:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, SQL, and JQuery

I am also continuing to expand my knowledge of web development, and not just in learning new languages or frameworks, but also in accessibility and security. A great example I heard once was that trying to add accessibility or security into a website is like trying to add blueberries into a muffin after it has been baked. It is much easier to build from the ground up with all the ingredients to a web site.

Below are some screenshots of some projects I have completed.

A tribute page screenshot for Alexander Fleming
A tribute page screenshot for Alexander Fleming
Screenshot of a weather display web page
Weather Display Page using the OpenWeather API
Screenshot of a random quote web page
Random Quote Page using an API for generation
Screenshot of a wikipedia search and viewer web page
Search and View Wikipedia Articles

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